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Testimonial from Dianna Duncan Atnip - Patient
“I was sent home from the hospital April of 2017 after a surgery with specific concerns for a big wound (15cm x 7.5cm x 5cm).  When I was sent home, the hospital staff told me that my healing time would probably take up to 4 months.  When I heard this, I was devastated, and started looking for answers. A friend of mine told me about Pure & Clean    wound care products. I used the Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser for cleaning the wound and debriding the wound, when necessary. My first day home, I applied the Hydrogel. My wound felt better. I was more comfortable. The Hydrogel kept my wound moist and prevented it from drying out.  The improved wound healing precess became obvious within days." 
Thanks to the Pure & Clean wound care treatment products my life returned to normal much more quickly than I was expecting. I will forever be grateful to my friend for telling me about the Pure & Clean wound care products, and for the great care I received from the home care nurses. 

I strongly recommend using the Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser, Medical Hospital Disinfectants, and Hydrogel products. My home care nurses told me that they were impressed with how rapidly my wound healed. I was happy and much more at peace, knowing I was going to be better, quicker than was expected.
“I was seeing a 102-year-old African American female patient and noted she had paronychia on the right middle finger. The patient was taken to the hospital where the nail removed. She was ordered to soak the finger with half-strength hydrogen peroxide.

When the MD was called, I suggested use of the Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser, instead of the hydrogen peroxide, to soak the finger. The wound had shown signs of eschar on the tip of the finger post debridement. Home health orders were to soak the finger with Pure & Clean wound cleanser, twice daily, then apply the Pure & Clean Hydrogel, and wrap with a Kling roll. "

"After 7 days the wound had shown great improvement. Soaking, twice per day, was only done for 1 week, then daily Pure & Clean Hydrogel thereafter. Within 2 weeks the wound had closed and a final completion of healing was observed on the 3rd week. I'm truly impressed with how the Pure & Clean Hydrogel helped prevent this wound from deteriorating. The patient has dementia, is 102 years old, and is nutritionally declining.”

Marilen Cabrera, Home Health Nurse - Wound Healing Product Evaluation

Improving the healing of the wound is comforting to the patient, helpful for the attending nurses, and lowers the wound care treatment costs for the patient. Using the Pure & Clean Hydrogel prevents wound from drying and increases the level off oxygen at the wound. This wound care management improves patient comfort and improves wound healing. The Hydrogel ingredients are physiologically friendly to the human body but are lethal to dangerous pathogens, reducing the risk of wound infections. The Pure & Clean Hydrogel is intended to be used in the management of cleaning, irrigating and debriding of skin abrasions, lacerations, burns, minor irritations, for cuts and on intact skin. The Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser is a non-cytotoxic wound care treatment product and serves as a gentle cleaning and debriding hypochlorous solution. The active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is a naturally occurring molecule that is produced in the human body, by our white blood cells, to fight bacteria and inflammation after trauma.

The dilution rate for the soaking solution was 2 parts Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser with 1-part water.
The wound was soaked for 10 minutes each day.
The wound dressing we usually suggest is gauze.

If you have a wound that is draining heavily we suggest Enluxtra, or similar, super-absorbent fiber wound dressing.

Pure & Clean Medical Hospital Disinfectant and Wound Care Treatment products are hospital grade and EPA registered to kill all labeled pathogens including: C. Diff, MRSA, Norovirus and Rhinovirus, acting as viricide, germicide, tuberculocidal, bactericidal, and anti-microbial treatments. Although the effectiveness of Pure & Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer products is impressive, the most important value to the health of our consumers is the elimination of the toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemical ingredients that are so prevalent. Pure & Clean wound care products represent the next generation of healthcare solutions. 

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