The goal of Pure & Clean is to provide medical hospital disinfectants, sanitizers, and wound care products that can be used safely with effective clinical results. Pure & Clean products are safe for the human body but are lethal to dangerous pathogens.

The active ingredient of Pure & Clean is a naturally occurring compound that is produced internally by the human body. Our white blood cells use this compound, hypochlorous acid (HOCl), within our bodies, to fight bacteria and inflammation, when there is an infection or open wound.

Hypochlorous acid, in its natural state, has a shelf life that that is so brief, it is not acceptable for packaging and distribution for clinical applications. Pure & Clean developed a manufacturing process, using electricity and salt, that replicates how the human body produces hypochlorous acid,. This stabilizes the hypochlorous acid so that is can be delivered, to healthcare clinicians, with a functional shelf life.

Pure & Clean wound care, disinfectant, and sanitizing products are EPA Registered with an 18-month shelf life. Pure & Clean products are not toxic and are safe for use around the eyes, mucous membranes, and other sensitive tissues.

Pure & Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer products are hospital grade and EPA registered to kill all labeled pathogens including : C. Diff, MRSA, Noro and Rhino virus, and psuedomonus. Pure & Clean is viricidal, germicidal, tuberculocidal, bactericidal, and anti-microbial. For more information, g o the Pure & Clean Microbial Kill Disinfection chart  contact time for disinfectants

The effectiveness of Pure & Clean Disinfectant Sanitizer and Wound Care products is impressive, but the most important value to the health of our consumers is the move away from the toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals that are so prevalent in other products.

Pure & Clean products are safe for the human body but are lethal to dangerous pathogens.

Wound Cleansing
Hold upright 4 to 6 inches from wound. Spray liberally and directly on the wound and peri-wound area to cleanse, moisten and debride. Leave on the wound without wiping or rinsing.

Wound Dressing
Use Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser to moisten dressing. Saturate the dressing with Pure & Clean by pouring onto the dressing. Apply moist dressing directly onto the wound and secure as needed.

Dressing Removal
Use Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser to facilitate removal of adherent dressings.  Spray the adhesive and the skin to ease the removal. Press down on the skin as the tape is gently pulled back on itself. Spray Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser throughout the process to help prevent Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury. 

Incisional Care
Spray Pure & Clean Hydrogel into the area prior to closure of the dermis. After closure, spray with Hydrogel again prior to applying a bandage.

Sharp Debridement
Apply Pure & Clean to rinse the wound during and after the procedure If using a pre-soaked dressing of Pure & Clean, apply it to the wound as needed If not using a pre-soaked dressing, flood or flush the wound with Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser.

Wound Lubrication
Use Pure & Clean Wound Cleanser to lubricate the wound and help keep it moist. If a hydrogel is preferred to maintain lubrication, the Pure & Clean Hydrogel is recommended. Pure & Clean Hydrogel delivers a thick gel when the bottle is held close (one inch), using a full, firm pump. Pure & Clean Hydrogel does not run or liquefy quickly, but maintains the gel status for periods of time to keep the wound moist longer. 

Regular Use
To promote healing, use the Pure & Clean wound care products often. They are safe and effective to use as often as desired; daily or multiple times a day. Use Pure & Clean with every dressing chang

Non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin, eyes or mucous membrane.  No special handling required. No special instructions for disposal.

Pure & Clean Wound Care Treatments and Hospital Medical Disinfectants are non-irritating and non-sensitizing, having passed bio-compatibility studies including ISO Ocular Irritation study and ISO Maximum Sensitivity test.

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