Pure & Clean
Safe for Human Cells
Lethal to Dangerous Pathogens

Pure & Clean products are physiologically safe, EPA registered, and FDA approved, for wound care, disinfecting and sanitation.
Pure & Clean Medical Disinfectants are non-toxic to human cells yet disinfectant products provide rapid disninfecting kill times for dangerous pathogens, i.e.; C. Diff, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, and Norovirus.
wound care products improve healing
wound cleaners repair healing tissues
wound first aid solution kills pathogens
hydrogel promotes rapid healing process 
disinfectants  avoid inflammation and infections

Wound Care Treatment Products

Wound Disinfectant      Surface Disinfectant  

The human body produces and uses hypochlorous acid, to kill harmful pathogens. Pure & Clean provides healthcare professionals physiologically safe and effective products that improve the wound healing process and kill pathogens and  prevent wound infections .
The Pure & Clean active ingredient is HOCI (hypochlorous acid). Hypochlorous acid is an infection fighting compound found naturally in the human body. Hypochlorous acid has been known to reverse the markers of epidermal aging, protect against environmental aggressors, fight bacteria and cleanse the skin. Hypochlorous acid is what the human body uses (neutrophils, a type of white blood cell) to kill invading pathogens. The Pure & Clean wound care products and disinfectants are manufactured using the same materials that are used by the human body (pure salt, water and electricity) to produce hypochlorous acid.

        Pure & Clean Wound Care Treatment ​​
Pure & Clean Disinfectants kill spores, yeasts, and bacteria, safely and effectively.

Pure & Clean Disinfectants  100 times more effective than chlorine bleach for killing E. coli.

Disinfectants are considered to be toxic and potential carcinogens. 
Pure & Clean products are; 
physiologically safe, 
nontoxic to human cells, 
strengthen the cells that heal our wounds.
Pure & Clean kills (is lethal) to bacteria and viruses that threaten our health.
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